Our Mission

The aim of TRANSport is to make clothing, accessories and footwear readily available for little to no cost for this community.

Based in Yarraville – TRANSport provides donation drop offs for items which will then be made available through this website and social media for pick up or sending for only the cost of postage.

We offer discreet packaging, flexible options and potentially alterations on clothing if requested.

We offer many shapes, sizes and styles for the Transgender, Queer and Non-Binary community.

Donations will go towards potential free postage for those in trying circumstances, as well as overheads such as petrol, alterations/repair, storage, cleaning and time worked.


Things to Note

Whilst we hope to offer as many options as possible, unfortunately we are held by the restriction of what has been donated to us, however, we are more than happy to put you down as a request, and as soon as we receive anything resembling your desired item, we will contact you.

Whilst we hope to display a good amount of the clothes we receive, we have hundreds of items of clothing, so if you cannot find anything you’re interested in, throw us a message via facebook or our contact email about  what you’re after and we’ll see what we can rustle up!

In order to maximise storage space and quality of clothing provided we may on occasion donate lower condition clothes to a local opportunity shop.